Becoming The Next Justin Bieber? How Was Justin Bieber Discovered?

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Becoming the next Justin Bieber? How was Justin Bieber discovered?

Justin Bieber was discovered from his videos on YouTube, and his managers helped him build a rabid radio, internet, and video following. Though Usher was interested in signing Justin right then, Justin still had to audition for Justin Timberlake, who after hearing the young Bieber, also wanted to sign him to a contract. I especially love that Usher is in this song! I really hope I meet you in real life someday . Usher is his mentor, and Ludacris raps on Baby, which just became his first Top 10 single. His first album went on sale in November 2009 and went platinum just two months later. Justin Bieber has become one of the largest teen sensations the world has ever seen! Let's not forget that Justin's current real life love interest, Jasmine, was the leading lady in his Baby video. Oh and then there was Kristen Rodeheaver who he personally picked for his One Time video and briefly dated.

With over forty tour dates set (we're guessing many more to be added), Justin Bieber is truly ready to call the world his own. This time the hue and cry is over the fact that Justin Bieber is a gay! Is this again a rumor? To the dismay of millions of girls around the world, Justin Bieber is likely a bit too young to host an entire MTV award show. But he does know a thing or two about the Internet.

The latest viral video to hit the Internet is of teen celebrity Justin Bieber getting hit in the head by a water bottle thrown from the audience during a concert. Yes, he's a celebrity and fame brings its own inherent risks, and usually a certain amount of envy disguised as disdain. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, is a teen singer with many most-watched clips. Shes got so many fans who watch her videos online that she has 3 videos with more than 100 million views.

According to the BBC , hackers wrote code into the comments sections of Bieber videos on YouTube, flashing unsuspecting fans with news of the singer's death and/or redirecting them to adult websites. Google issued a statement saying the company "took swift action to fix a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability" on the video site. There may be links to other websites; however GlamourVanity takes no control or responsibility for the source. GlamourVanity claims no credit for images unless noted.

Just because Justin has an incredible voice, amazing personality, great sense of humor, millions of fans, hes down to earth, and hes 475983758473836 times more successful than you, doesnt mean you should be jealous and make LAME rumors. He would actually laugh at thisand Im laughing at you. For example, the rumor that Justin Bieber molested a fan went instantly viral on the web with people everywhere searching for pictures or videos hoping to catch a glimpse. Dont believe Justin is being used as a sex icon? Well just have to see what happens next, but its Justin whos got the career and the fans.
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Becoming The Next Justin Bieber? How Was Justin Bieber Discovered?

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This article was published on 2010/11/13