Bieber With 2 Grammy Nominations

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Justin Bieber nearly bit his tongue when host for the Grammy Nominations Concert Live! which was LL Cool J asked him about his nominations for the Grammys. Justin Bieber managed to put his thoughts in a correct place in a matter of a short time and spat those thoughts out about the honor he's receiving to be nominated.

"Just went to bed and thought I was nominated for 1 #grammy and was already freakin out ... then @scooterbraun [Bieber's manager] just called me ... 2 nominations!!," the 16-year-old star tweeted from London.

As soon as he got the news, he was very excited and couldn't contain his enthusiasm when he tweeted the following message, "What!?!? what?!?!!? 2!! #Heck yes!! Love everyone. Never say never!!!," he wrote, adding, "Win or lose ... this is #crazy!! the Grammys!!! #Holy crap!!!"

The reaction he gave out was clearly showing how happy he was compared to the reply he gave when he was air together with LL Cool J during the show after the nominees for the Best New Artist was announced by Hayley Williams from Paramore. Justin who seem stunned at the moment was lost for words when LL Cool J asked him how he felt.

"Wow. It feels amazing. I can't believe I'm in this position. I want to thank all my fans, everybody. I want to thank ... the board. I don't know what to say," Bieber stammered.

Justin Bieber had some tough competition in the new-artist category which included musicians like dark-horse candidate, jazz singer Esperanza Spalding, bands Mumford & Sons, Florence & the Machine and also rapper Drake.

Justin performed the latest favorite of fans, "Favorite Girls" for the Grammy special concert who then on a later time posted a video of him being much more enthusiastic for his unexpected double nomination.

"Hey everyone, it's 3 in the morning over here in London, and LL Cool J just told me I'm a Grammy-nominated artist," Bieber says in the clip, sitting calmly on a stool in a green-screen studio.

"I was a little nervous, shell-shocked. I didn't really get to show you guys how I really feel," he admits, before jumping out of his seat and shouting, "Yes! Yes! I am a Grammy-nominated artist! Never say never! Never say never!" as he spins in circles, pumps his fists and spikes his baseball hat on the ground.
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Bieber With 2 Grammy Nominations

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This article was published on 2010/12/03