Justin Bieber And Female Celebrities Crushes

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Justin Bieber was recently interviewed by Ryan Searcrest lately and one topic that was brought up was about Justin Bieber's feelings towards many female celebrities out there that he was connected to.

Justin Bieber headed to a recording studio for a morning show with Ryan Searcrest on KISS FM where he discussed about this album, tour and also his preference for the ladies. It has been reported earlier that both celebrities, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian have the hots for Justin Bieber. When Ryan brought up the question about who was much hotter if compared, Justin Bieber was not shy in sharing his true feelings for them. According to Justin, he feels Kim Kardashian is much better; hints, Kim has better curves.

Both Kim and Justin who were reported having a thing between them was just a way for both of them to play around with the press with their fake romance. In order to make it more convincing, both of them even had a sexy photo shoot together modelling for Elle magazine.

Katy Perry and Justin story pretty much heated up when Katy started flirting over Twitter and mentioned that Justin is her "adopted son" when she met him over at the 2010 Kid's Choice Awards back in March 2010. Now that she's married with Russel Brand, things between them would seem to go south.

Well it was not only both Kim and Katy who had rumors together with Justin Bieber. Besides both of them, Justin prefers Rihanna compared to Megan Fox. He then added that he finds both Selena Gomez and Jasmine Villegas (whom he caught making out with) beautiful. Generally most celebrities out there seem to have multiple relationships among one another between them but most of the time is just normal admiration and nothing more as reported by the press who just love to make up rumors.
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Justin Bieber And Female Celebrities Crushes

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This article was published on 2010/11/22