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Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop singer. His also sings rhythm and blues. His journey to fame started in the year 2008 when a man located him on u tube. Scooter Braun came across a video of Justin bieber on u tube and was highly impressed. He is, at present, the manager of Justin bieber.

Braun made justin bieber meet Usher. Justin collaborated with usher and thus started soaring up the ladder of success. The first hit came from Justin Bieber in the year 2009. The song One Time was a super hit and it was in the top 30 song list in 10 countries of the world. His album My World was bestowed the certificate of platinum in the year 2009. He continued to give a succession of hits then onwards. Some of his hits are My World 2.0 and Baby.

Bieber soar to popularity very fast. There is a worldwide craze regarding him. The path to fame was not tough for him because of his superb performing abilities. He came from a humble background and has become of the most popular pop singers of the times. Usher has helped bieber to groom himself. Since he is a boy, people around him are advising him how to handle public image and how to handle this enormous success.

He is invited to sing at many concerts which are held in many countries. People love to hear him so the tickets are sold out very fast. About his singing, Braun thot that he is such a spontaneous singer that he sings as if no one else is present in the room.

In order to acquaint the people with his voice, Justin recorded several videos of his numbers at home and uploaded them on u tube. He has also uploaded his videos on social networking sites like twitter. The response that he received from people was enthralling.

Justin bieber had performed on several important concerts. He performed at the White House for president Barrack Obama and his family on Christmas. This was a hallmark event for Bieber.

On this occasion he sang Stevie Wonder"s song "somesay at Christmas". He was there on the 52nd Grammy awards. For a charity event involving Hiati victims of the earthquake, Justin was asked to perform the remake of the song "we are the children".

He has also done a world tour. There is so much craze regarding this boy that the crowd became unmanageable on one occasion. There were serious security issues regarding Justin but at the end everything had settled down.

There is a huge demand for his concert passes. The backstage passes for Justin Bieber concert too, are very demanding. You need to shell out some bucks to get hold of them. At times you can get Justin Bieber backstage passes for free. For this you need to have contacts with people who are associated with this event. If you really want to meet this phenomenal singer, don"t worry. Even if they say that the passes are sold out, you can still secure some of the Justin Bieber backstage passes.
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Justin Bieber Backstage Passes

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This article was published on 2010/11/28