Why Justin Bieber Is A Heartthrob

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Picture this scene. You're sitting in a massive events center. There are hundreds of thousands of screaming fans around you. Moms and daughters, groups of young men, all stretching out their hands just aching for a high five.

They are all chanting your name and wearing t-shirts with your face plastered on. The fans love you and they haven't even met you. Sounds pretty cool doesn't it?

That is the scene that Justin Bieber lives multiple times a week. And that's not accounting for all of the Bieber-crazy people that follow him around to restaurants, or the grocery store. His celebrity status doesn't eradicate his need for bread, eggs, and milk.

So why is Justin Bieber such a heartthrob? Why would tweens trip over their words when they are around him? The truth is, JBiebs is just like you and me.

And that's what makes him so likeable. Justin Bieber got his start by making videos from home and posting them onto Youtube for people to see. His first views were probably from his mom and best friends.

That great start to his story is something that almost any kid in America could do. He didn't begin by signing record deals or hanging out at Hollywood parties, or being discovered by a world renowned talent agent.

He just did something very normal. And that gives us all hope; it makes us feel that we could get to where our dreams are with some desire and practice-not some miracle.

Justin Bieber is down-to-earth. He didn't grow up as a celebrity. He grew up as a normal kid. He hung out with his buddies, probably playing video games and ping pong tournaments.

He had crushes on girls at his school. He played basketball. Hollywood doesn't seem to have changed him very much. He is always nice in interviews and onstage.

He just seems like a goofy teenager-somebody that you could be friends with.
To summarize, the thing that really makes Justin Bieber the superstar that he is-is that he doesn't act like a superstar. In fact, it is quite the opposite. He acts like the guy next door.

He didn't get discovered because he had money, or hung out in all of the right places.

He got discovered because he has talent, optimism, and because he worked hard. And you can, too! That's what Justin Bieber really is-an inspiration to all of us.
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Why Justin Bieber Is A Heartthrob

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This article was published on 2011/03/26